Previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall in 1977.


The third and last Paddington Town Hall concert of 1977 is widely regarded as one of the greatest shows the band ever played. The full house crowd went berserk, essentially destroying the venue and part of the surrounding neighborhood in the process. After this show, it was considered that further Sydney appearances, for the time being, were just too volatile and dangerous. The band split for the UK soon after. Fortunately the event was captured by Trafalgar Records engineers on multitrack tape, resulting in a studio-quality recording. 

This live recording has been mixed from master tapes that have languished forgotten for decades. The result is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band’s true primal energy. 

Live At Paddington Town Hall Dec 12TH '77
  • New Race (D Tek) (3:17 m:s)

  • Descent Into The Maelstrom (D Tek) (4:04 m:s)

  • Anglo Girl Desire (D Tek) (3:05 m:s)

  • Murder City Nights (D Tek) (2:19 m:s)

  • Transmaniacon MC (Blue Oyster Cult) (2:36 m:s)

  • More Fun (D Tek) (2:01 m:s)

  • Smith And Wesson Blues (D Tek) (2:59 m:s)

  • Man With Golden Helmet (D Tek / S Kambly) (5:45 m:s)

  • Crying Sun (W Gilbert / D Tek) (3:39 m:s)

  • Breaks My Heart (D Tek) (2:57 m:s)

  • What Gives? (W Gilbert / D Tek) (2:26 m:s)

  • Let The Kids Dance (E McDaniel) (2:30 m:s)

  • Dark Surprise (D Tek) (3:53 m:s)

  • I 94 (D Tek / C Jones) (3:06 m:s)

  • Non Stop Girls (D Tek) (2:44 m:s)

  • Do The Pop (D Tek / M Sisto) (2:26 m:s)

  • Burn My Eye (D Tek) (1:39 m:s)

  • Monday Morning Gunk (D Tek) (2:47 m:s)

  • Ramblin' Rose ( M Wilkin / F Burch / O Wilson) (2:50 m:s)

All track mixed from master 2" tapes.

Except for tracks 6, 10, 13 previously unreleased



This concert is included in the BOX SET (complete info here) or as a DOUBLE VINYL LP.
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